CMS Services

Face is the mirror of the mind so is the website, the mirror of your business. A website gives an overall glimpse of the company to the world. An interactive and informative website has an innate ability to invite more traffic and influence in making good business.
To ensure high flow of public, it is essential that the web contents be reorganized in the line of the latest developments. Unique web contents have arresting power to reach the millions across the globe.
Reorganization of information in websites is done through back end (i.e. software application) called Content Management System(commonly known as CMS). A CMS is used to create, edit, manage and publish content in a website / blog in a very organized manner attaching computer files, image media, audio files, video files, electronic documents, and web content etc.
Major Benefits of CMS Solution:

  • Easy to create, edit, organize and publish content of website, no technical (HTML) knowledge is required
  • Can be easily customized, as per individual needs
  • Immediate updating of information/content (for example, in case of new product launch)
  • Multi language support
  • Easy management of digital assets such as microsoft word, ms excel, PDF documents, videos, images etc.,
  • clients may compose professional email campaigns

Our Practice

Seabit Media provides complete and SEO Friendly CMS solution across the world, according to individual needs. Our Content Management System solutions will definitely renovates the way you do your business. By now we have invested lots of time in research & analysis, and have come up with very effective, efficient, customized and SEO friendly Content Management Solutions.

Content Writing Services

For attracting more visitors, the website content ideally needs to be spot-on, clear, concise and simple in approach, with the sentences being terse and descriptive at the same time. Also, usage of appropriate keywords remains a key factor here, allowing the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expert to optimize your site to make it well-deserving to be crawled by the leading search engines. At Seabit Media, we have creative and qualified content writers well equipped with the above criteria and the necessary knowledge of marketing as well. Our modus operandi is based on the following:

  • Examination of the requirements of web content and designing suitable content layouts
  • Examination of our content development ideas on users
  • Website content research
  • New content development
  • Reviewing and editing of existing content
  • Processing and optimization of the content materials
  • Evaluation if the content is at par with the usability standards
  • Business oriented SEO copywriting
  • Maintenance of the live website content

The custom-built website content management furnished by Seabit Media facilitates companies to experience smooth and easy management of their websites. Since years, we have earned high reputation for delivering superior content writing services to clients across diverse business verticals.
Contact us today for more information on how we can help your website perform better.

Joomla Installation/Integration Services

Joomla is a highly popular and award winning third party open source content management system, which helps you in making the CMS based websites to present your content on website in more organized manner. No matter whether you want to integrate Shopping Cart with your website or just want to have a forum, Joomla can prove immensely effective. There are many useful features that Joomla has to offer, including easy future scalability, free modules, multilingual support, etc.
We have a team of expert Joomla website designers and developers who have successfully served a number of clients. Rates of our Joomla web development are extremely nominal.
Now, if you still want to know further about our services, then just get in touch with us.

Drupal Integration Service

Drupal is an open-source platform and CMS for building dynamic web sites which has a broad range of features and ready-made component.Implementing Drupal simplifies the process of publishing, managing and organizing different types of website content. It is supported by thousands of developers and users, and a large number of organizations use the software to power their websites.
The Drupal driving force is what empowers countless web applications and makes them user-friendly and easy to manage for the administrator. The recent advances in Drupal technology have given it a definite advantage over other CMSs. Drupal 7, the latest version, is easier to use with a completely revamped administrative interface, has more flexibility (with over 800 modules already available) and is more scalable.
To customize Drupal, you need to be technically sound, but if you aren’t, don’t worry we are here to do it for you. Our web developers have expertise in Custom Drupal designing and ability to create design of different websites with endless features along with the Drupal open source modules in short period. Each of them is talented in theme development using HTML, PHP, JavaScript and CSS alongside of traditional graphic design applications like Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Flash to create advanced Web 2.0 sites as well. Get high quality Drupal CMS integration, installation and development from our talented team.
If you have any requirement or query in Drupal, feel free to contact us. We assure to get back to you approximately within 24 hours.

WordPress Customization Solution

WordPress is an excellent open-source and free blogging software that is always focused about its ease of use, speed and a great user friendliness. The most important benefit for using WordPress open source application is that the CMS and all the major plugins are easily available for free, so you do not need to develop plugin yourself for it.
Our WordPress customization service includes:

  • WordPress Installation
  • Most stable version of WordPress with consistent settings, custom wordpress template, social networking widgets with complete spam protection.

  • WordPress Theme Install Customization
  • We customize WordPress theme with dynamic features of WordPress including innovative graphical and creative traits along with add-ons to provide complete satisfaction.

  • WordPress Plugins Install and Customization
  • We will set up the plug-ins and buttons for easy navigation of your blog.

  • SEO friendly
  • We can customize your WordPress blog or site in a SEO friendly manner to get you more targeted traffic.

  • Full control with Widgets
  • You will get maximum control over widgets and will be able to use widgets for a variety of areas of your blog as per your needs, which will give you utmost control over your content without even touching the code.

  • Upgraded commenting
  • This feature will let your visitors post comments about your content and create rich discussions with each other. It is excellent for building a good and reliable readership and ensuring return traffic.

With our extensive technical expertise, we can create and customize themes for your blog / website which will looks very attractive and appealing. We can customize WordPress according to your needs and budget; just send us your requirements and get relaxed.