Graphic Design

Over the years, we have mastered the art of Visual Communications and have gained invaluable experience in all aspects of graphic design and production. We offer a complete range of high quality offshore graphic design services to our clients, helping them to create original, memorable and meaningful images for their companies. Till now we have gained success in delivering quality services in following graphic design business:

Web Graphic Design Service

We can redevelop/redesign your commercial website adding multimedia additions such as pictures, animation, illustration, videos and sounds to enrich the look of the site as per your current business strategy. We ensure that graphics created for the web are fast loading, are easy to navigate and enhance your web solutions overall ranking in search engine and directories. We use compression tools for fast loading websites, which is a must-have in today’s busy world. We develop light-weight and fast loading clean coded HTML pages with CSS.
We also develop Macromedia Flash and Shockwave pages, which lead to friendlier pages, with eye-catching visual effects.
For any other clarification on Price, Promotion strategy, contracts etc., please feel free to contact us.

3D Graphics Design

We cater to all your 3D graphic creation needs. Our 3D graphic design services are customized to suit your needs.

  • 3D Animation
    Animate your imaginations and see them getting real; Seabit Media is at your service. Now get your website talking, moving and communicating with the out-of-the-box 3D animations! Build your own message conveying style and make a distinct position in the crowded world of Internet. 
  • Walk-through
    For Constructions, engineers or interior decorators; walkthrough animation is the most excellent tool to lay stone for their project. We can zoom in or out as needed, and introduce moving 3D Character Figures, individually or in groups.
  • 3D Modeling
    This is the best way to illustrate your plans and concepts for your products. Visualize each and every curve and edge of your product with our 3D modeling services. Product showcasing, games, accident reconstruction or any other project, our 3D modeling is the best option to get it done.
  • 3D Renderings
    If a rendering or an image of a 3D model or scene is all you need, then let us do the work. We can design transparent renderings of any of our 3D models which can be dragged and dropped right into your project. We can also create realistic 3D rendered scenes as 2D images which are ready to be used for your project.
  • Custom Texture Creation and Alteration
    We can create custom textures for your 3D models. We can add realistic texturing to 3D models which aren’t textured. We can also take your textures and make them seamless for tiling. If you already have the 3D models you need, we can texture the models for you.

CD & DVD Covers

Many artists and producers spend countless dollars and hours designing a cover that will showcase their album. Seabit Media provides a cost effective solution to artists and record producers in need of an attractive CD or DVD cover that will promote sells. Send us an email or give us a call and we will create a custom cover to match your identity and work. We can incorporate your existing image or design if you send it to us via email, fax, or disc in any file format. We will work with you until you are satisfied with your CD or DVD cover.

Digital Image Editing

We at Seabit Media understand that image editing is an extremely complex process and that every customer might need customized editing services so we provide you with a broad classification while we still treat every image as a new entity awaiting its own personal renewal. The broad categories include-

  • Image Restoration (image alteration, removal of scratches, foreground\background object removal etc
  • Image Enhancement(background replacement, crease removal, color changing, emphasizing etc.)
  • Colorization
  • Image Manipulation
  • Manipulation is the technique of modifying an image or a photograph either by adding objects, people or things in the background or foreground.

  • Face Touchup(repair and adjust facial images, blemish and scar removal)
  • Artistic (look like a hand-painted masterpiece or even done with pencil, or with watercolors)

Displays & Signage

Seabit Media can create effective advertising materials for you. Banners and posters are inexpensive and efficient means of advertising for your business. A unique design with an effective message can attract customers. We can create a new design for you or use your existing design and enhance it, preparing it for printing.
Your displays can be fast and cost effective solution to give your business marketing a new makeover. Send us an email or give us a call and we will create a custom sign to match your identity and specifications.

Label Design

It is widely known that a customer’s purchase is usually based on the appearance of the product in comparison to others beside it on the shelf. Many companies spend countless dollars on designing a label that will distinguish their product. Seabit Media provides a cost effective solution to companies in need of designing an attractive product label that will increase sells. Send us an email or give us a call and we will create a custom label to match your identity and specifications. We will work with you until you are satisfied with your label.

Brochure/Flyer Design

Brochure/Flyer is the best platform to showcase your business or product, services and prospects, helping to convince potential clients and to create a brand identity. Precisely, the prime objective of Brochure Design remains broadcasting a message of the concerned organization to the targeted market through a booklet or pamphlet or may be a glossy flyer. At Seabit Media not only do we concentrate on conceptualizing and designing your brochure, we also incorporate the latest marketing principles to your brochure design so that it creates a strong impact upon the readers. With clear headlines and suitable graphic elements and images in your brochures, we ensure that your message is expressed in the most compelling way and your company’s brand is better established.
Our brochure designs offer you:

  • 100% unique and customized brochure designs. We are not template vendors.
  • High quality graphics, aesthetic color scheme, readable fonts
  • Interesting concepts/compositions that are customer-centric and result-oriented.
  • Affordable prices for outstanding designs
  • Brochures in printable, mailable and downloadable formats to suit your diverse needs.

Send us an email ( or give us a call and we will create a custom flyer to match your identity and specifications.

Illustration Design

We design illustrations and background to attract attention and enhance understanding about your product and services, we do illustrations for books and other informative & educational tools, design mascots, background & headers design for your website and GUI for your applications.
Our Illustration categories include:

  • Cartoon, stylized and photo realistic illustration
  • Magazine cover and book illustration
  • Greeting card, calendar and poster illustration
  • Technical and educational illustration
  • Product Illustrations
  • Conceptual illustrations
  • T-shirt design
  • Story Book illustrations
  • Medical/Anatomical Illustration
  • Fantasy/Sci-Fi Illustration
  • Nature/Animal Illustration

We offer all these at extremely competitive prices. Our prices include revisions till satisfaction. You have a guarantee of security and your work is 100% yours. We work in close co-ordination with you to capture your imagination on the screen, be it the hues of colors or the degree of realism, our illustrators strive to deliver delight to our customers. That’s the reason most of our clients love to come back to us.

Caricature & Cartoons

Caricatures are great means of capturing attention of audiences and make visual communications more interactive. With a suitable caricature you can attach human emotions to your organization’s narratives such as Brochures, Business Cards and Marketing Collaterals. Nowadays caricatures are widely used in websites, avatars, mascots and logomarks to bring human expressions in online communications.
An intelligent cartoon not only helps your brand link to human expression, but also adds humor and emotions that readily attracts attention of target audiences.
We are specialists in creating characters/Mascots/Cartoons for your identity. We work with you all the way from conception to inception. Each of our design is created with greatest care and quality assurance, which means you get the most unique and original caricature/cartoon design.
To know how we can help you add emotions to your communication content, all you need is to send a Photograph or sketch of the person(s) and a description of how you would like the caricature to be. As they say, you will be amazed to see the result!

Stationery Design

Nothing makes a business look more credible than professionally designed stationery. At Seabit Media, we understand how to apply the colors and fonts of your logo to your Business Cards, Letterhead and Envelopes in order to create an image your customers will remember. Just like our logo design process, you’ll receive multiple design concepts created by different designers and be able to revise those designs to your liking.
Our stationery design team has created quite literally hundreds of stationery set designs for our clients since the last 5-6 years. We can design your Company stationery to the highest standards, from logo design to headed paper (letterhead), compliment slip and business card design. Seabit Media will take care of all aspects of your stationery design and printing management requirements. We use the latest graphic design techniques and software to produce the best visual impact for your company stationery designs with the fastest turnaround time possible.
Just try us, we guarantee our work. We offer an unbeatable value for stationery design.

Icons & gizmos

In order to develop a company brand, based on your logo, it’s important all your graphic bits and pieces have a similar design ‘style.’ The same can be said of icons and other design ‘flourishes’ that can be used across your brand framework. As all the icons designed at our studio begin life as vector artwork, they can also be utilized in marketing and advertising material with ease.

Infographic design

Infographics are graphic presentations that explain complex concepts and processes with graphs, pie charts and flow diagrams. They’re essential for websites and technical manuals and perfect for when times photography is not available, or the concepts involved are highly detailed and require simple, organized infographics for fast explanation.