Print Media (DTP)

We, at Seabit Media can provide all your print media needs. Whether you require a project for business or personal use we can develop a unique design that completely fits your requirements. You can send graphics or texture that you wish to be incorporated via fax, email, disc in any format or just let us know what you are looking for and our creative DTP professionals will revert back to you within a business day.

Catalogue design

Our experts in layout and design can convert a drab list of items into an informative catalog. You may discover that we can do more than the layout for example we can illustrate you products, optimize images and make the catalogs more informative and interesting. By combining eye-catching graphics with text, we design good-looking catalogues at a competitive price. We use Adobe Indesign software on either the Mac or PC to create professionally looking catalogs.
Send us your existing graphics or text via email, fax, or disc in any file format or just give us an idea of what you are looking for and let us create a catalogue that suits your business and products perfectly.

Layout & Formatting

Typesetting is a time consuming, laborious detail oriented task and requires a very good eye. It gives the document its final look and makes it attractive and legible for the reader. It’s all about choosing the correct fonts, page layout features like column widths, paragraphs, margins, indents, spacing, inputting graphics and illustrations at appropriate locations and more. The typesetting that works best depends on the target audience (e.g.: aged, kids) and subject type (e.g.: leisure, academic).
If you want to self-publish a novel, booklet, magazine, marketing or promotional literature, technical documentation etc. we can create a print-ready book layout from your Microsoft® Word document. Page numbering, header, footer (with appropriate texture), font, character style, line spacing, paragraph, margins – we will do all that is necessary to meet an editor’s expectations. We can take your finished electronic manuscript and convert it to a standard format for submission to publishers and agents.
We may also provide exclusive facilities of the typesetting in multiple languages, in diverse fonts. We can easily adapt to whatever format you prefer, or suggest a book layout and design in accordance with your specific requirements.
We use Adobe PageMaker®, Quark® and InDesign® to create interior book layouts, and we generate the final output as a Portable Document Format (PDF). PDFs are used to encode the exact look of a document so that it will appear the same on every machine that opens the file. It is the format most printers prefer.
We also create E-Books and Book Covers !
Producing e-books requires diverse skill sets across design, technology and content. We have created many kinds of ebooks and have the expertise to execute the design and typesetting of e-books. Book cover design encompasses cover imagery and titling, the parts of a cover, selecting type and ornaments, stylizing headings and paragraphs, front matter and back matter design, and page layout. If you already have the artwork or concept available, let us share, we can help you design stunning your book cover. Email us for more information.


Magazine layout stands as an important issue in the print media world. The content in the magazine needs be presentable and at the same time it should draw attention among readers through attractive design. At Seabit Media, we can achieve this balance for you. By incorporating eye-catching graphics and designing an effective lay-out with your content, we are able to provide you with a professional and appealing final product (a magazine layout that suits your material perfectly). We can even provide a full service solution from concept to print depending on your needs.
We charge a standard hourly based wage rate additionally VAT for layout, dtp, prepress. The rate also applies to complicated color retouching, complex graphics as well!
If you are interested in obtaining more information about our magazine layout and magazine design services, contact us immediately.


Newsletter design is the visual, graphical and textual presentation of information in a newsletter format. Newsletter contains a periodical work containing news and announcements on some subject. A voice through which the company shares its opinions and delivers news and interesting articles to keep its recipients interested as well as updating them on latest developments on weekly, fortnight, monthly or half yearly basis. Newsletters are a valuable communications tool for building a gradual, lasting, long-term relationship with existing and prospective customers.
While relevant content is extremely important in a newsletter, its design is just as significant. The recipient actually forms his impression of your newsletter in a few seconds. You have seconds to hook him and keep him there. In this rushed age perceived value is everything. Minute attention has to be paid to the nameplate, the openness of the design, choice of text and the use of graphics.
Since couple of years, we are providing professional and appealing newsletter design service to many customers. Whether you need a four-color, two-colour, or one-colour newsletter design, we can help you get the job done on-time and within your budget. If you need your newsletter online, we can output in PDF format for the web, or html. Our professional team understands well that the importance of a company newsletter cannot be understated. Great attention and hard work is poured into every project and every detail fine-tuned. Try us out and let the results speak from themselves.


Be it vacational experience for relatives or friends, or promote business, custom postcards are the best way to send a special message. 2-sided postcards are a great way to share a special photo, make an announcement, or send updates and greetings worldwide. Easy to design – you can customize both sides with your favorite photos, designs, and messages.
In a marketing strategy a Post card can be used as an effective and economical way to communicate about the product or service info to prospective customers. A post card technically is a rectangular piece of thick paper or thin cardboard intended for writing and mailing without an envelope. We at Seabit Media can design for you the best postcards with high quality graphics and appealing design for communicating what your business demands. Postcards are also used when product feedbacks have to be received in an economical fashion using a self-addressed card.

Greeting cards

Light up every occasion with a custom made greeting card. Festive seasons and certain special occasions are best times to let your customers know that they are important to you. A simple and custom made greeting card with your corporate identity conveys to the outside world that your business or organization is more professional and well organized. A personal custom made greeting from the company on special occasions to your clients goes a long way in fostering and strengthening business relationships. Get your greeting cards designed from Seabit Media.

Print Ads

In today’s world of interactive web-based marketing, viral campaigns and high production television commercials, the print ad remains one very powerful and effective means for advertisers to reach their audience. An effective ad is one that catches the attention of the onlooker with its added ‘wow’ factor.
Any print ad (whether it is for magazines, newspapers or billboards) aims to grab the viewer’s attention through conveying important message instantly and swiftly.
Our efficient designer at Seabit Media can construct an attractive & effective Print Ad (magazine ads, banner ads, coupons, sales ads etc.) for showcasing your product or service that has positive impact on your company’s sales. By combining eye-catching graphics with smart text, we design effective print ads at a competitive price. Send us your existing graphics or text via email, fax, or disc in any file format or just give us an idea of what you are looking for and let us create a print ad that suits your business and products.


Reports are integral part to any business. To manage an organization effectively, senior executives and boards of directors need timely and accurate financial information. Traditionally, internal accounting and finance departments provide this data. But some advance reports (complex i.e.) like Year-end report or any other decision making report with chart view or relevant graphics and pictorial diagram requires demanding task. These reports may contain data in table or graphs and business strategies or recommendations that require illustrations or photos. Increasingly, organizations recognize that outsourcing some or all of this responsibility is more efficient and, in many cases, results in better quality service.
We use Adobe Indesign to make your reports look professional and communicate. At Seabit Media, we can help you design and put together an effective and comprehensive report concerning your business, products, finances, processes, or any other information that you need to convey. We can handle any project size whether it is for a small group within your business or to a heavy client database. Reports designed by us would reflect the work you put into the content and showcase your information in a professional manner. We can help you achieve the level of professionalism your report deserves.
Send us your specifications with images, objects or template via email, fax, disc, or call and let us design the perfect report layout, tailored to your needs and content. We shall work with you until you are satisfied. Let us optimize your business’s communications today!

Hoarding and Posters

A hoarding is an integral part of outdoor advertising to catch the attention of the passers in a location. It’s a large outdoor signboard or billboard where companies put their commercial ads. A hoarding is primarily installed outside in the open–on the highway and on top of buildings. It is highly recommended tool for location oriented advertising. A hoarding can be a best fit before the launch of the product or service, in that locality. The communication must be so simple that it must reach the audience without any confusion.
Posters are also very important elements of any company’s marketing system because they have considerable advantages over other advertising methods. They can be used on a small and a large scale, as they can come in different sizes and formats. Posters are appropriate for promoting the products or service your company offers, for displaying offers or event information, for showing business alerts and reminders.
At Seabit Media, we can design amazing hoardings (and posters too) to ensure that your customers or target audience get the desired message.

Packaging design

It’s proven that an attractive packaging design will boost sales. Only a properly designed packaging will draw the attention of customers – a must in today’s competitive marketing. Why is it so necessary that your packaging design stand out from the rest? Because your products are generally placed together with your competitors’ products on shelves.
Package design requires the combination of artistic and technical know-how. Discover the profitable results an attractive packaging design can bring. With our services, the most effective packaging design that will certainly boost sales is now within your reach.

Other DTP Services

  • Data Sheets
    At Seabit Media we can redesign and reformat your data sheets as per your business needs. We realize that much time and productivity can be lost to searching uncoordinated sheets of data. Comprehensiveness and accuracy with minimum (means wherever necessary i.e.) content are important when handling the information that runs your business. We can achieve this for you, making it easier to find data fast when you need it. By synchronizing and digitalizing your data sheets properly, it will be easier for employees within your business to quick access of information necessary to complete their job, thus increasing productivity and efficiency across the organization.
    Send us your data sheets or information (can be fragmented data in many sheets) via email, fax, disc or hard copy and let us process them for you now in a comprising manner. We can convert them into a smart readable format without distorting or losing any data. Your security and satisfaction is of utmost importance to us and this is reflected in every step of our work. Let us streamline your data processes, increasing productivity today!
  • Envelops
    Why do you need appealing envelopes to get the promotional results you expect? Placing your logo and contact information on an envelope is not enough. If you want to catch the attention of the recipient, your envelope should enjoy an outstanding design. Many underrate the power of a good graphic design on an envelope. The truth is that many companies advertise their products by mail, and the recipients, who find a dozen promotional envelopes in their letterboxes every day, will only read those that really catch their attention. So, if you want your business to stand out from the earliest time possible; the envelope provides this opportunity. In the competitive market place today, brand recognition plays a large role. Keeping your business strategy in mind, we produce impressive and attractive designs that will help to ensure that your brand information will be conveyed as early as receipt of the envelope making good impression on your contact at the time of receipt.
  • Invitations
    Want to save a little money, time or simply want absolute control over your next party invitations, corporate invitations or formal wedding invitations? Seabit Media will help create an invitation design custom to your needs and style, uniquely tailored to your choice of colors and graphics. Our invitations will prove effective in pleasing your invitee and distinguishing your brand or identity. Let our expert designers get to work on your custom invitation with your guidelines in mind. We also make colorful e-cards in affordable price.
  • Menu Cards
    An unattractive menu card with poor style and insufficient content can cost you valuable business. We can amaze you with attractive and enticing menu card for your business using eye-catching images and appealing layout. Our design offers styles ranging from unique and colorful to simple and classic. Our designers can customize each menu card to your specified design requirements and wording. Send us images, text, templates via email, fax or just call and let us get to work on your new menu now!
  • Presentation Folder
    First impressions count! A well-designed business presentation folder speaks volumes about your organisation and its representatives; professionalism, style and flair; clearly a cut above the rest. Customised presentation folders including corporate logo and identity is the ‘must have’ essential at all sales conferences, meetings, presentations and all importantly to give the right impression to close a sale.

Let Seabit Media design your folder tailored to your strategy and guidance which would reflect your business identity in a presentable manner.