Multimedia is amalgamation of graphics , animation, audio, pictures and text and combine together it attracts more visitors to your business. Multimedia has been always interesting chapter to build the book of great business relations.
Seabit Media is emerging gradually a one-stop shop in the multimedia business through providing excellent multimedia services to a wide range of clientele across the globe. We make multimedia comes to life! Our professionally crafted multimedia and flash presentations services helps us to achieve this. We are specialized in Solutions like –  Corporate presentations, Interactive presentations,  Flash presentationsProduct presentations, Marketing presentationsContent CreationE-learning etc. We truly understand the significance of targeting this great business clientele!

The essence of our work lies in our team of talented and experienced multimedia designers, who work hard to strive for the best!

FLASH Presentations

Flash animation is now days an essential part of each and every Multimedia presentation. Multimedia presentations, is an ideal and most effective medium to launch new product range. A media-rich presentation is the norm these days. With e-learning initiatives gaining momentum becoming popular, multimedia presentations today have reached a peak and are enjoying widespread use the world-over. Flash animation is a good way to deliver multimedia content in a user-friendly manner.

Online product demos and interactive sales presentation are the ideal way to provide specific details and information about your products and services in a low-tension manner. Our multimedia capabilities range from Macromedia Flash business presentations to animations and multimedia video web.

Our designers at Seabit Media have advanced flash skills. We make extensive experience of flash scripting & have also developed database driven solutions using flash animation.
Seabit Media offers following services for FLASH presentations and flash website designing:

  • Professional corporate FLASH presentations with creative designs
  • High quality attractive animated FLASH introductions with sound effects
  • FLASH based website designs, optimized for the web with fast load-time
  • Good looking FLASH based slideshows with striling Layout
  • Online flash slide presentations
  • FLASH CD presentation combining music, voice-overs, video clips and interactive photo galleries

Your multimedia FLASH presentation can be Web or CD-ROM based. In addition, we can integrate your program with the Internet, enabling your CD-ROM users to connect online for web resources, updates & downloads.
We have the skills and the technology to make your information come alive creating innovative interactive flash presentations. Our team of flash designers and developers blend creativity with simplicity to create flash movies that are both stunning and informative.

POWERPOINT Presentations

Need to impress your audience, but don’t have time to create a killer presentation yourself? Let our Creative Services experts take the load off your shoulders. The presentation made by our creative designers has visual appeal, exceptional graphics, highly readable text, and crowd-pleasing animation that will definitely make a lasting impression of your business and idea on your audience. Whether you need a simple presentation design or an interactive presentation, our designers can do it for you. Send your material to us and let our creative experts do the work for you.
Our Value Added Services
Some value added services in conjunction with Power Point services include:

  • Content development: Total content for all kinds of presentations can be developed based on a detailed brief (total specification of your business requirements). We can take your current content (minor changes accepted) and update your text and bullets to work well with your new template & specification. We can add stock images to support your content and message We’ll format your template with standardized animation and transitions as per your desire to add appealing look to the presentation.
  • Editorial services: Existing presentations can be improved by our editors to make them meaningful and cut out unnecessary information. Along with content upgrade we can do the following:
    • Reformatting the slides for a more professional look
    • Modifying the color scheme to achieve strategic objectives
    • Adding attractive backgrounds for visual appeal
    • Creating custom graphics to support key points

    Instructional design for training content: Our ID experts can prepare the script and the graphics team can finalize the design for training modules.

  • Template creation: A customized, original template design can be created just for you. We also can improve the layout and type setting of the presentation.
  • Repackaging of PowerPoint to PDF or Flash files: Power Point slides can be repackaged as PDF or flash files for easy online access, distribution and multi-platform compatibility.
    new components for your presentation such as:

    • Corporate-branded templates
    • 3D transitions and other animated effects
    • Animated logo
    • Original artwork for backgrounds, charts, and illustrations



Seabit Media aims at addressing all short-term and long-term learning needs of the clients, having sound experience and the right tools to implement the programs. Our services cover the full gamut of e-Learning services ranging from content to technology. Services include e-Learning Consulting, e-Learning custom content – Conceptualization of e-Learning units, Instructional Design and development of most suited content. We follow a uniform ISD Model which is also known as ADDIE (analysis, design, development, implement, evaluate) and SAT (system approach to training). Our expert team starts with an in-depth study of the training needs and the nature of the target audience to deploy high end methodologies into the development of training courses. We develop the courses stage by stage using easy navigational sequence and structure throughout the course content.
We are proficient in the use of a wide array of development and authoring tools, such as Macromedia Authorware, Macromedia Flash, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Macromedia Fireworks, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Photoshop, Captivate, Firefly, Lectora etc.
By adhering to the standards, Seabit Media has been able to effectively address the client’s training requirements. Currently we offer:

Curriculum Design
While developing course curriculum, at the very beginning we focus on the macro objectives set by the client and profile of the target learners. This closes the gap that exists between the two, and helps define why the module is necessary and what should be its learning outcome. Once that is done, we flesh out the curriculum by applying varied learning approaches that ensures the learning goals are met.
Then our next goal in the in our content development process is to ensure that content developers create consistent, cohesive courses. Our content development guidelines help support flexible course design, allowing for modification based on client needs and also ensure instructionally sound content. At the end of the day, clients have a value-added curriculum that empowers the learner to relate to real-life learning situations and meet learning goals.

Custom Course & Content Creation
We have enough expertise and resources in designing, developing and deploying online eLearning courses and learning objects for different segments. Our well trained and experienced Instructional Designers, Graphic Designers, and Developers are ready to help you in every phase of e-learning development. Our experienced professionals brainstorm together to develop creative and effective learning courses for WBT’s(web based training), CBT’s(computer based training) and ILT’s(instructor led training). Maintaining AICC and SCORM standards, we provide cutting edge solutions that amalgamate well into the eco-system of our clients and provide maximum benefits to our clients.

To create interactive, interesting and high quality course content, at Seabit Media we use:

  • State-of-the-art multimedia technology
  • Sound instructional design principles and pedagogy
  • Realistic graphics and animations
  • 2D/3D Simulated learning tools for creating engaging courses
  • Courses with SCORM, AICC standards
  • Multi-language content development expertise

Content Development
Following sound instructional design principles and pedagogy and interacting with Subject Matter Expert (SME) our instructional designers finalize client’s objectives, goals, style guidelines, and writing and learning standards. Thus through a well-structured methodology, Seabit Media captures the knowledge from Subject Matter Experts (SME), and thereafter instructional designers work on course structuring, strictly adhering to the SCORM standards.

Simulation, Scenarios and Gaming
Simulations, scenarios and games are effective method of delivering measurable knowledge through the use of interactive and fund learning tools. We have strong production capabilities to develop simulation tools cost-effectively and quickly. Major challenge in any training program is to engage the audience. We have capitalized enough experience in developing eLearning courseware incorporating fun factor into it and striking balance between training technology, graphics and game play.
Scenario-based learning is designed to put learners in a situation or context, introduce them to the issues and challenges in that context, and gives them an opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills relevant to the situation. Learners typically navigate through the scenario by choosing options and are given feedback based on their choices and are allowed to make different ones to see possible outcomes; this is an approach similar to the experiential model of learning and is known to be a very effective learning tool.
Whereas, Game-based learning can be very effective when blended with the elements of game into the learning sessions. All the games are designed by a group of technologists and subject matter experts. The objective is to stimulate and motivate people through active participation, emotional involvement and colorful learning tools. At Seabit Media, we help organizations in transforming complex learning concepts in a simple and user-friendly manner which makes learning easier and more interesting for the users. Game-based learning objects and simulations enhance the learning experience so that our users can get the most out of the training sessions using this innovative concept of learning.

Graphics and Animation
Seabit Media possesses talented pools of graphic designers, illustrators, animators who can breathe ‘life’ into learning. Abstract and complex content become easy to understand when presented by animations and visuals, making the course both interesting and interactive at the same time.
We have a highly skilled and creative team of graphic designers and animators, who can create anything that can be dreamt or imagined. Our professional multimedia graphics designers develop custom animations to complement your company needs.
Flash animation enables you to add motion and music to your message and make the user’s experience more interactive. Our experts can create slick animations and visuals, design interfaces and page layouts that transform learning concepts into “more-than-eye-candy” graphics. Be it illustrating tiering in banking, drawing a wishlist of a company’s do’s and don’ts, or visualizing challenging concepts, we do all with equal excitement.

Content Conversion
Your content and knowledge repositories are critical to your organization’s success. In today’s changing business world, organizations need to upgrade existing training materials in a up-to-date fashion and makes accessible to the broader section of target audiences. At Seabit Media, we help our clients do just that by providing them with content conversion services. In other words, we help upgrade existing content to more up-to-date platforms, allowing for expanded functionality. We provide content conversion for media, language and standards compliance (SCORM, AICC, W3C).

Assessment and Testing
The effectiveness of training can be evaluated by assessments at the beginning, during, and at the end of the training. It helps the learners to prove their understanding; and the instructor to assess the learner’s expertise on a subject and certify them through an automated assessment process. Based on these assessments you can also identify training needs and areas of improvement.
Our assessments enable organizations or educational institutes to test the skills and knowledge of their employees or students through a vast array of questions types; Multiple Choice Questions, Essay Style Questions, Fill in the Blanks, Match the Following, Drag-Drop, Hot-Spot etc. Features like Randomize Questions and Adaptive Testing enable the instructor to test learner knowledge more effectively. Questions may be supported by relevant images, animations, audio or videos to make them more interactive. The instructor can specify time limits and also the number of attempts that can be made for each test. Feedback for correct and incorrect options and references for further study are also provided. All the test scores are stored for generating learner reports.
Our subject matter experts first create the blueprint for question sets with details about number of questions allocated to each topic, complexity of questions according to Bloom’s Taxonomy, and type of questions, each mapping to the test requirements. Our content writers then create questions following the guidelines provided for instructional strategies.
We create assessments on subjects such as financial management, marketing management, management information systems, project management, human resource management, organizational behavior, and strategic management, among others.

We guarantee 100% satisfaction. Our pricing includes revisions. if you want to know more about the way we construct presentations or would like more samples, give us a call or email us!